Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crisis is the number of women working in porn sites up

BBC News - Analysts technology from Britain indicate that with the growing market for webcams in the world, more and more women are serving the country in erotic sites in real time.

According to experts from Juniper Research, the movement is occurring in part because of the recession.

The fall in British sites in the country or international pages, and are willing to talk and view live via a webcam with customers, who pay for the service.

"Lauren, 23, is one of those women.

A few months ago, she "attend" virtual customers from the basement of a house she shares with other girls who also do the same job.

The site was converted to look like a small apartment - an environment is furnished with a bed and another with a sofa.

The girls wear luxurious lingerie pieces, and a headset with microphone attached, so they can talk with customers.

Lauren says he can earn up to 30 pounds per hour (nearly U.S. $ 90), including bonuses.

"You can imagine how is the weather heats up and if they ask me to take the bra, I shot," he told BBC.

Increased market

Analysts said the overall market grew webcams 730 million pounds in 2007 to 1.1 billion pounds in 2008.

It is expected that this number comes close to double by 2015, driven by porn sites.

The most popular page type claims to have about 27 thousand girls working for 17 million customers, with about 12 thousand new subscribers each day.

"This is a safer alternative than to become a companion or call girl," he told BBC Brodie Fry, owner of one of these sites. "Anonymity is total and, of course, girls do not use their real names."

Another owner of a similar page, Richard Smallbone, also confirms the increase in customer demand and the demand for girls for employment.

"We started with 12 girls and only one working day. Today, a year and a half later, we have 80 profiles available and up to 16 girls working days," he said.


But activists defending the rights of women say they are worried, saying that many girls may feel pressured to do things that do not want to do.

For Anne van Heeswijk, Object of NGOs that fight against sexual exploitation, this industry should be better regulated.

"It is man who chooses a woman depending on her looks and what she's willing to do sexually. This puts enormous pressure on the girls and takes them to perform are increasingly extreme porn to attract customers and make money" said van Heeswijk the BBC.

Lauren, however, says he does not care about that, and that his priority is his daughter of 3 years.

"Several friends of mine working in store and do not earn almost nothing, living without money," he argues. "I can work two days a week and earn more than them, and I still spend the day with my daughter." BBC Brazil - All rights reserved. It is prohibited any kind of reproduction without written permission from the BBC.