Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inventor turns dead mouse on computer mouse

Inventor turns dead mouse on computer mouse

A controversial project published on the site of inventions and improvisations "Instructables" teaches the User to create a computer mouse from a mouse killed. Called "Mouse mouse!", The invention is explained step-by-step through pictures and text instructions.

A common mouse is disassembled and its parts has changed, which are then incorporated into the mouse "stuffed". Users' noahw "and" canidae ", signing the bill, warning of the photos" heavy ", which may bother some readers.

Photo published on the site "Instructables' shows the final turned into a stuffed mouse computer mouse. The project is signed by the users 'noahw' and 'canidae'.

Project involves taxidermy techniques to prepare the animal changes to a standard mouse enable the adaptation of the circuits.