Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One in five households will have broadband connection in 2010

Study of Gartner, released the site ITPro shows that the number of households with broadband connection continues to grow and by 2010 20% of households have the technology. The number of fixed connections will increase from 282 million in 2008 to 422 million in 2010.

Among the reasons found for the growth are lower prices for computers, the migration from dial-up and broadband more affordable. Neither the global economic crisis was able to stop the expansion of broadband access.

Consumers may be reviewing their household budgets due to the crisis, but not in their plans for reducing the costs of abandonment of a broadband connection, says Amanda Sabia, principal researcher at Gartner.

The report also warns that while growth is accelerated, there is great disparity in access to technology between developed and emerging. The report said the number of households with broadband connection in rich countries exceeds that of poor countries at a ratio of 4 to 1. And this digital divide will not diminish. It is expected that the next ten years the difference remains between 50 and 54 percent.

To get an idea of inequality today, just look at the rankings released by the consultancy. The country with the highest penetration of broadband connection is to South Korea, with the percentage of 86 percent. The lowest percentage is found in Indonesia, with less than 1 percent.

According to Cisco, in its biannual Cisco Barometer of Broadband, released this month until June, the connections via broadband, mobile and fixed, reached 13.6 million in Brazil. This number represents an increase of 16% until the second half.