Thursday, September 24, 2009

Supercomputer has up to 80 cores and 1 TB of RAM

What if your computer at home had, say ten cases Qud-Core Xeon 5500 (the most advanced model of quad-core libh server)? Ah, your problem is with RAM? So how about 1 TB to solve this?

These impressive numbers is what the SGI offers with its Octane III, the personal supercomputer. There are several possible configurations, with the cheapest of them costs U.S.$ 8.

Among the settings available, there are the following:
- It has Quad-Core Xeon 5500 with two sockets;
- A Quad-Core Xeon 5500 sockets with two workstation with NVIDIA advanced or support other video card;
- 19 (!) Quad-Core Xeon 3400 with a sopcket;
- 19 Dual Core Atom processor with a socket.

SGI says that the Octane III allows "a new era of innovation in science esterat├ęgica, research, development and visualization. The company also says it is a way "cheap" to have a computer capable of advanced scientific research. Probably is. Rather he wanted to see a toy that running a Modern Warfare 2.